ESO Signs Largest Ever Ground-based Astronomy Contract for E-ELT Dome and Telescope Structure in Cerro Armazones, Atacama, Chile May 2016

The E-ELT is being built on Cerro Armazones, a 3000-metre peak about 20 kilometres from ESO’s Paranal Observatory, Atacama desert, Chile. Construction of the dome and telescope structure will now commence. Since 2005 ESO has been working with its community and industry to develop an extremely large optical/infrared telescopes. Dubbed E-ELT for European Extremely Large […]

ATATA/QuasarChile attended the 24th Annual Educational Travel Conference, February 2010

Educational travel facilitates deeper, more enduring connections between travelers and the communities they visit through strong interpretation, experiential programming, and meaningful engagement. The ETC is a community of professionals from organizations worldwide dedicated to advancing lifelong learning and the understanding of international relations through travel. For more information here Link