General Selling Conditions


All our programs have been very carefully designed to offer clients excellent choices. Our guides have excellent field knowledge and extensive experience in tour organization. As unpredictable situations (bad road conditions, snow, landslides, bad weather, etc.) may occur at any time, program itineraries can be modified without prior notice. Changes will be made to preserve safety. We cannot be held responsible for such events that are beyond our control.

Practical Information

1. Visa: Not included in our programs, whether for Chile or bordering countries.

2. Airport tax: Currently included in the airfare, there is no airport tax to be paid in Chilean airports nowadays.

3. Weather: In the Atacama, weather is very dry and the sun is very intense. The climate is magnificent throughout the year, with more than 90% of the days being sunny. In winter (June, July and August) the average daytime temperature is 22°C (72°F) and by night 4°C (39°F), descending to -2°C (28°F) in extreme cases. During summer (January, February and March) the temperature fluctuates between 27°C (81°F) and a minimum of 16°C (61°F) at night, reaching maximums of 32°C (90°F). Between December and March, the so called Altiplano Winter occurs with occasional showers in the Highlands.

4. Altitude: It is very important to check with your doctor to make sure that you do not incur any risk by traveling at high altitude. Guides often carry oxygen in case of emergency. Programs are designed to give travelers enough acclimatization time.

5. Equipment and clothing: In adventure programs we provide communal equipment such as tents, full base camp equipment. Clients should bring along their own clothing and equipment, detailed in the following link in our website:

6. Meals: Meals are included only while camping and according to the detailed day by day schedule. In camps we offer delicious American breakfasts, plentiful box lunches and carefully prepared dinners, based on international cuisine. Drinks are included (wine, beer, juice, water).

7. Lodging: Lodging is included as detailed in the day by day schedule. Welcoming hotels and extremely comfortable Base Camps, fitted with spacious tents, kitchen tent, mess tent (restaurant), toilet tents.

8. Vehicles: Depending on road conditions, planned difficulties and safety considerations, we use 4WD or 2WD double cabin pick ups, minibuses Mercedes Benz Sprinter or American VANS (2WD).
-Pick up vehicles are normally quoted for 4 clients and a driver. They are the best-suited cars in the desert, the altiplano and on mountain roads. Comfort is not optimal but these cars are adapted for safety considerations. The cabins are small so clients should try to bring along with them no more than their photo camera and a sweater or jacket. Their personal belongings are always within reach in the pick-up if urgently needed. If you need a quotation with 3 PAX maximum per pick-up vehicle, you must specifically request it.

9. Safety equipment: In our traditional and adventure programs, we bring emergency equipment such as: first aid kit, emergency oxygen equipment, and VHF radio transceivers as well as Sat phone.

10. Single supplement: Single Supplement will be charged for any SGL room (when requested or when we are unable to match you with a roommate). When camping, clients paying Single Supplements receive spacious and comfortable individual single tents.

11. Passengers philosophy and commitment: Many of our tours take place in remote places and areas in a country with different cultures, rules, philosophy and regulations. Our passengers must be willing to discover and accept other lifestyles and very different conditions, often substantially different from the ones you are familiar with at home. You must be willing to experience new situations, be prepared to respect and understand local customs and any kind of unexpected events that may occur. Even under the best of circumstances, things can sometimes go wrong and a POSITIVE attitude and sense of humor are a real bonus – they should in fact always be an important trait of adventure lovers. Adventure trips are DEFINITELY NOT ADAPTED nor recommended for persons who expect things to go exactly as planned. Out of respect for and in defense of your travel partners, you must understand this philosophy. Please make sure this is acceptable to you before booking any adventure/expedition with us .
Travel always involves a certain degree of risk, but risk is a relative concept and is involved in any human activity. Travel is also hope, exploration and discovery.
Our commitment is to operate in the best possible manner while assisting our clients at all times. But we must assume the following things:
– Clients must communicate their wishes and/or difficulties to our staff (in a timely manner). Our guides are frequently the only persons who can really help you. Do not wait until the end of the tour to make your comments or suggestions, or talk about what you feel, need or wish.
– Trips are often expensive and represent the holiday of your dreams.
The staff will help to make those dreams come true. Be sure you do your best to help us to do it right. A positive, communicative, sincere and friendly attitude is the best way to make sure that our staff will do more than just their job to satisfy your needs and wishes.

12. Our philosophy and commitment: Our commitment is to do our best and to offer our years of professional work and knowledge to make each trip an unforgettable and unique experience.
Perfection is not our goal (nothing is perfect in this world, and it would be too boring) and we cannot guarantee that no problems will arise during your trip. Having said this, we undertake to do all in our power to prevent, solve and fix any problem that might occur along the way.
Our primary goal is your satisfaction, since your satisfaction ALWAYS is our own reward and that of our guides. There is no better trip than one resulting from a human and friendly interaction between our staff and our clients. Your confidence and our mutual commitment to listen to each other are the keys to success.

13. Environment: The natural world is our office. We want to keep it free of any kind of contamination. We ask you to respect it the same way we do and we accept any comments, suggestions, or help, in order to fulfill our mission.
Some National Parks have special regulations so we ask you to consult with your guides before making any alteration to the environment or taking pictures of local populations. We all need to respect nature and culture to keep our dreams alive. A healthy respect for nature and diverse cultures are important criteria for our continued successful existence on Planet Earth.

General Responsibility

Buying a Quasar Chile Expedition: The legal entity behind Quasar Chile Expeditions is Chile Montaña Compañia de Guias Limitada (CHM), a Chilean adventure tourism company, based in Santiago de Chile, owned and operated by Vivianne Cuq. The company started its operations in 2006 and it is registered at the taxes offices SII with its RUT number 76.623.690-1. It is also properly register as required by the Chilean Tourism Law in SERNATUR as an Adventure Tour Operator. Hiring a Quasar Chile Expedition, you will be buying from CHM, you will receive CHM application form and will pay to a CHM bank account. Invoices and receipts will be issued by CHM. Your trip will be fully operated by CHM.

Our programs do not include any insurance.
– CHM does not accept any liability in case of robbery, loss or damage of luggage and/or personal effects. You should purchase special insurance for such purposes.
– In case of personal injury, CHM is not obligated to forward money to cover emergency expenses. We therefore recommend that clients purchase an adequate insurance policy. If clients do not purchase such insurance, CHM can, at the client’s expense, arrange medical treatment or emergency evacuation service if deemed essential for the client’s safety.

Responsibility/Liability: Due to the particular nature of the tours we offer, clients must follow exactly the orders and recommendations given by their tour-leader. CHM cannot be held responsible for any accidents or personal injuries that could result from clients careless acts.
CHM is a legal entity duly existing in Chile. It purchases transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurant catering, professional guide services and various other services from independent suppliers (including but not limited to other CHM companies), that are not subject to its control. In addition, the programs include outdoor physical activity and contact with nature, involving some level of risk, depending on several events and circumstances over which CHM has no control.
CHM cannot therefore be liable for death, personal injury, accident, delay, inconvenience, irregularity or damage which may be occasioned by (a) any act, error or omission of any such supplier, or by (b) any cause whatsoever including acts of nature, civil disturbances, government restrictions or failure of any means of conveyance to adhere to published schedule.
CHM (or a CHM tour leader) may at any time during the course of a trip terminate the participation of a member of the party if he/she believes that person’s health is at risk, if an illegal act is committed, or their behavior becomes detrimental to the safety, enjoyment or well-being of the group. No refunds will be given.
CHM reserves the right to alter or omit any part of a program, to substitute hotels or leaders, or to change any means of conveyance without notice and without allowance of refund. Every reasonable effort will be made by CHM staff to ensure that all its clients’ trip objectives are met.


Booking Conditions and Cancellation Penalties


1) Make sure to check carefully the Day by Day Itinerary of the package you are purchasing as well as the included and not included items.

2) Request our Trip Application form or download it here. Please note that each participant must submit a separate signed application

Booking is secure only after receipt of a NON-Refundable deposit of 10% of the cost of the trip.
The balance is due no later than 30 days prior to the start of the land tour.

Cancellation: CHM strongly recommends that you purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance. This coverage will offset cancellation charges in the event of illness before or during the trip.

CHM reserves the right, prior to the scheduled date of departure, to cancel a tour or any part of a program or expedition for any reason whatsoever including (but not limited to) too few participants, logistical problems such as strikes, acts of God or any other circumstances which may make operation of the trip unadvisable.
CHM will notify the client as soon as possible and will offer the client the possibility to change the booking to an alternative program. If the client declines this offer, any money received by CHM from the client for that program or expedition will be refunded, and this refund will be the limit of CHM’s liability.
CHM is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the client in preparing for the trip including non-refundable or penalty-carrying airline tickets.
On Regular Fixed departure dates, if the required minimum number of participants is not reached, QUASARCHILE will, subject to 61 days warning, either cancel the departure, offer a full refund, or apply a supplement subject to client approval.

Clients may cancel their trip at any time prior to departure only if confirmed in writing (email) to CHM
Refunds due to client-cancelled trips will be as follows:
Cancellation 29 – 15 days prior to departure – 50% of the land cost will be refunded.
Cancellation 14 days or less prior to departure – no refunds.

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